Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Ticking of the clock

What is it that makes me afraid of time?

I am afraid to find out what date it is, yet I feel the urge to know it otherwise I'm lost. I'm afraid to discover it's too late yet I have that flicker of hope that it might be earlier than I thought.

What’s more intimidating, knowing or not knowing?
I get to benefit from delaying what I fear no more than fearing to delay what I can benefit from.


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  1. Bravoo 3lekk !! I am also affrad of time i hav relized this year tht i havnt been asked about my age i am soo suprised because i dnt remember replyen * Hey I am 20 years old * never this year nd now after August am not gonna hav this age any more the next time ama be asked ama hav ta say i am 21 one years old mata wehn kef mosh fhma 7aga...