Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cause & Effect

Why is it so hard to get through the day?
Even worse, to meet obstacles on the way
Is it me or the character I play?
Or is it you and the demands you want me to pay?

I do not always mean what I say
For I too have my bad hair days
When I miss the mark and hit you bad
Please find it in you to avoid being so sad

Have you heard of a cliché?
Well let me say what they say
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
For then you will appreciate however much I am smaller

 I am only trying to find my way
In this world to pay for my stay
Not to anger anyone or hinder any plans
Just to prove to myself that I belong on the map

I have delayed it enough already
And not any longer-no I cannot be that steady
It is time to get out of my comfort zone
For minutes it will hurt, but for life it will survive

So let me be what I am meant to be
I cannot anymore plea, oh cannot you see?
If you prolong it further, I may then become
The product and result of "unhappy"

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  1. I LOVE this huud!!

  2. This is reali da Best i hav read so Far this one is amzinly good 7abibtyy keep it up !! i wanna read more like this one!!