Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tracing Your Own Alter Ego...

You Cried, I cried

I have not seen you in a while

I wished you were there most of the time

I always had that empty line

The line where I skipped a mile

A mile is the gap that you left behind

I look back now and think why

I have not realised you standing by

Right across me, front, left and right

Always by my side, waiting for a sign

I never gave you the green light, I realise

And that is why you never budged

But right there, you were always my

Shadow and light and second hand

Today is the day I tripped over you

Accidently and you reached for me mentally

I hurt you and I almost went by

But you stuck by your word and did not fly

When it hit me, I turned back

And felt almost sure the room would lack

Your being, your existence, your track

But there you were in full black...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Desperate for hope?!

Time and again, I have found myself lost in this world. Yesterday was a happy day, today is an unbalanced sway. What was I thinking when I let it drool over my mind that life is one smooth sway once you have overcome an obstacle or two?

Life is not heaven. It should not be perfectly smooth, since “perfect” is an illusion.  Well, I am human after all, and I do make mistakes. And, just like the other numerous mistakes that I have committed, I will try to learn from this one. It’s just that, one tends to forget the gravity of the unfavourable situations they have been left in once upon a time, that being off  the guard of such a repetition has become a given. It is no wonder since time heals everything, even the wounds that have once upon a time scarred you in those hopeless holes that you have once fallen in. It is hard to acknowledge that you will forget what it is like to be bombarded with bends and rough edges on this road called life once you have overcome them, but then denial has and will always be an old school trait.

"How do you pick yourself up?" is the question.

Each time you fall, the hole seems deeper than the previous one. You got out of the previous one with hope, but where is hope to lead the way this time? Because last time you have checked, you have used the last drop of hope and have nothing left for a future mishap.

Here’s a reality checkpoint. Hope is an ever-revived potion. Not being able to summon it at the beginning will lead you to faith, which will ultimately ignite the spark of hope. And one can never fail to find faith if they keep God close to their heart. The beauty of life is that you can always turn to God and I thank God for the blessing that is Islam.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The voices within

Whispers in my ears, tear in my eyes

Both joined forces to build the guilt inside

When will you rise, when will you fight?

Spread out your word; let your voice be heard

This was their chorus, and it brought me to life

So now I have a few words I wish to clarify

Do not judge people, for their looks or their size

For they may be greater than what penetrates your eyes

Your size may differ, your looks may concur

But what they possess, you cannot criticize

These are a few elements, intangible in nature

Complex they are not, but power is their stature

Larger than life are these few overlooked traits

Wisdom and intelligence, maybe an invention in the future

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Friday, 13 May 2011

Finding Yourself 

I have reached a stage of confusion
A place where identity is sought
Am I a butterfly ready to fly away?
Or a moth yet to stay?

The questions remain
And the search is in vain
Am I ready to emerge?
Oh no, I need more research

Youth is yonder
Teen is under
The thing in between
Makes me wonder

Who am I?
What is my purpose?
Am I destined for greatness?
Or just another passing deadness?

Average is not my thing
It is too plain and too predictable
I am aiming for more
The stars or may be above those bars

The specific target I do not yet know
But I ask God for help and support
I know that one day i will reach
And I hope that I do not breach

So the search is still going on
For this identity and its zone
Hopefully it will inspire
And hence fill my desire

The desire to be of use
To be unique and introduce
The world to something great
That fades the blues and takes the stage....


Tuesday, 10 May 2011


The weather may be gloomy

The sky may be dark

You may not even recognise the park

But remember, when you had fireworks

It was there that you ignited their spark ...

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Looking here, Looking there
Searcing for a connection anywhere
Of the very purpose of my existence
To find out, I have to run yet another distance

In the meantime I was told
Get it together, do not trip over a fold
And if you trip rise up again
And to calm down count one to ten

It works sometimes, and sometimes not
But then again, new paragraphs start after a dot
Between the lines, from word to word
You are bound to find a new pea in the pod

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cause & Effect

Why is it so hard to get through the day?
Even worse, to meet obstacles on the way
Is it me or the character I play?
Or is it you and the demands you want me to pay?

I do not always mean what I say
For I too have my bad hair days
When I miss the mark and hit you bad
Please find it in you to avoid being so sad

Have you heard of a cliché?
Well let me say what they say
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
For then you will appreciate however much I am smaller

 I am only trying to find my way
In this world to pay for my stay
Not to anger anyone or hinder any plans
Just to prove to myself that I belong on the map

I have delayed it enough already
And not any longer-no I cannot be that steady
It is time to get out of my comfort zone
For minutes it will hurt, but for life it will survive

So let me be what I am meant to be
I cannot anymore plea, oh cannot you see?
If you prolong it further, I may then become
The product and result of "unhappy"

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