Sunday, 10 April 2011

What surrender feels like

It feels like everything you worked for was exaggerated. As much as you can remember the drive and energy you had while accomplishing certain feats, you feel like: "What exactly was I thinking?" & "Why did I ever even bother?"
Because this is as good as it gets, and this good isn't the dictionary's idea of good at all.

It makes you feel like crumbling into nothingness, into a world where you get to be a "nothing" and enjoy the pleasures of not having to regret the loss of time.  The time where you did things that you thought would pay off, only to find out that you were delusional.

It makes you wonder why life picked you to feel this, out of a crowd of 6 billion plus. It makes you question your every move and what consequences it will yield, instead of enjoying the moment.

It not only makes you forget to live, but also, the reasons you're living.

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  1. Diz z soo Deep ur writtings inspire me i wish u write and never stoppp ..