Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tracing Your Own Alter Ego...

You Cried, I cried

I have not seen you in a while

I wished you were there most of the time

I always had that empty line

The line where I skipped a mile

A mile is the gap that you left behind

I look back now and think why

I have not realised you standing by

Right across me, front, left and right

Always by my side, waiting for a sign

I never gave you the green light, I realise

And that is why you never budged

But right there, you were always my

Shadow and light and second hand

Today is the day I tripped over you

Accidently and you reached for me mentally

I hurt you and I almost went by

But you stuck by your word and did not fly

When it hit me, I turned back

And felt almost sure the room would lack

Your being, your existence, your track

But there you were in full black...

1 comment:

  1. O M G I love it gurl its amzen its soooooo expressive keep it up let me see more work cant wait to read more of this ..