Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Desperate for hope?!

Time and again, I have found myself lost in this world. Yesterday was a happy day, today is an unbalanced sway. What was I thinking when I let it drool over my mind that life is one smooth sway once you have overcome an obstacle or two?

Life is not heaven. It should not be perfectly smooth, since “perfect” is an illusion.  Well, I am human after all, and I do make mistakes. And, just like the other numerous mistakes that I have committed, I will try to learn from this one. It’s just that, one tends to forget the gravity of the unfavourable situations they have been left in once upon a time, that being off  the guard of such a repetition has become a given. It is no wonder since time heals everything, even the wounds that have once upon a time scarred you in those hopeless holes that you have once fallen in. It is hard to acknowledge that you will forget what it is like to be bombarded with bends and rough edges on this road called life once you have overcome them, but then denial has and will always be an old school trait.

"How do you pick yourself up?" is the question.

Each time you fall, the hole seems deeper than the previous one. You got out of the previous one with hope, but where is hope to lead the way this time? Because last time you have checked, you have used the last drop of hope and have nothing left for a future mishap.

Here’s a reality checkpoint. Hope is an ever-revived potion. Not being able to summon it at the beginning will lead you to faith, which will ultimately ignite the spark of hope. And one can never fail to find faith if they keep God close to their heart. The beauty of life is that you can always turn to God and I thank God for the blessing that is Islam.


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  2. الله على كلام جميل

  3. I am new to the blogging world and was only looking for some poems as I just developed a bit of passion for it and i came across your blog. I have to say that would one brilliantly written poem. Very well done.